Why choose Dronedesk?


We don't like complexity, who does? So, we built Dronedesk to make our life simple and we think it can make your life simple too. Dronedesk is the only application you need to run your commercial drone operation in the UK efficiently and securely.


Everything you need to run a commercial drone business in one simple and secure web-based application.

Simple & responsive

Dronedesk offers a simple, intuitive interface; no training required, you can get started right away on any device.


Dronedesk is 100% free for businesses of up to 5 people. No credit card required for sign-up.

CRM included

Dronedesk includes a Customer Relationship module so you can easily manage your customers from lead through to invoicing.

Asset management

Keep an accurate record of all your drone equipment including maintenance schedules and usage logs.

Team management

Keep a record of your team members including their flight logs and PfCO certification details.

What else do you get?


One of the most time-consuming aspects of a commercial drone job is the planning. Dronedesk simplifies the entire planning process for you and helps you to make sure you comply with CAA regulations. You get all the data you need in minutes instead of hours.

FRZ and RPZs

Dronedesk provides map overlays showing all Flight Restriction Zones and Runway Protection Zones across the UK.

Airuser data

You get a complete contact list of all other air users in your flight area (covering your potential fly-away area).


Get a view of the hourly weather forecast for your planned flight date and location (dependent on lead time).


Instant access to all NOTAMs for your flight vicinity, updated regularly throughout the day, every day.

Ground hazards

Get detailed information on potential ground hazards which you might need to factor in to your flight plan.

Flight plan

Draw out your flight location, planned flight path, takeoff and landing points and team deployment.

On-site survey

Quickly and easily record your on-site observations including a detailed risk assessment.


Dronedesk provides you with a number of checklists which cover loading lists, pre-flight checks and post flight checks.


Record all flight details quickly and accurately and easily export the data for CAA audit.

Choose a plan that suits your business


Dronedesk is in beta

We're in beta testing at the moment. That means we're still developing the rich functionality of our application. And we're doing that with the help of feedback from the PfCOs who've already signed up to use Dronedesk - over 400 of them!

If you're a forward-thinking NQE with a passion for providing your trainees with world class tools to help them run their new drone business efficiently and safely, and would like to work with us in developing a white-labelled version of Dronedesk, please get in touch.

If you're part of an Enterprise business with a large drone operations team, and would like to work with us in deploying a bespoke version of Dronedesk in your business, please get in touch.

Small business

  • 1x SUA Operator
  • 4x Team members
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited asset records
  • Unlimited flight logs
  • Unlimited quotes
  • Unlimited invoices

NQE White-label

  • 1x Admin
  • Volume pricing, all pilots get...
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited asset records
  • Unlimited flight logs
  • Unlimited quotes
  • Unlimited invoices


  • 1x Admin
  • Volume pricing
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited asset records
  • Unlimited flight logs
  • Unlimited quotes
  • Unlimited invoices

Yes, you're reading the table right...
we don't charge a monthly subscription for businesses of up to 5 people.

Instead, we're aiming to deliver a fully-featured version of Dronedesk entirely free for all our small business users - we understand how difficult it can be to get your new business off the ground so one less expense has got to help, right?

Our model is to rely on advertising and revenue from enterprise operators to sustain the development and support of Dronedesk. This means, as a small business, you'll see some advertisements presented on various screens in the application. But we hope you'll accept that's a small inconvenience in comparison to having to pay a subscription fee.

In the future we're likely to offer an additional modestly-priced subscription version of Dronedesk which will be ad free.


These are genuine, unsolicited, comments from some respected commercial drone professionals.


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Who are we?

We're commercial drone operators with a passion for technology

We developed Dronedesk to make life simple for commercial drone operators in the UK. Our aim is to make Dronedesk the ultimate end-to-end admin suite for every drone company in the UK; from one-man-operations through to large commercial businesses. We believe Dronedesk is the first, and only, solution to offer such a complete suite of integrated tools. If you sign up to Dronedesk - and why wouldn't you, it's free! - you won't need any other software to manage your business workflow from lead generation through to job planning and invoicing.


Our approach

We work every day to make Dronedesk the best in the business

Dronedesk is continually evolving and becoming better every day. We strive to make it as feature-packed and as simple as it can possibly be. We pride ourselves on the security, reliability and accuracy that we build into every element of Dronedesk. So you can be certain that your data is safe, secure and treated strictly in accordance with ICO and GDPR guidlines. All data is hosted in UK datacentres and multiple backups are made daily.

We think Dronedesk is indispensible and we hope you will too!

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